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In today’s media and film industry it is extremely important that to be successful you must build up a known online presence among potential colleagues. The social media platform Cahootify helps to do exactly this as it is an online community  which helps people who work in the film making industry find work, upload work for others to see, and  offer opportunities to get other individuals involved with your own projects. Cahootify is helpful as you can link and share things between different social media platform which then generates a larger audience of individuals who could get involved with or view your work, and not only for those who use only Cahootify.


Cahootify is an ‘online project portfolio and team forming platform‘ which helps create links for people in the film and media industry. Cahootify allows people to get involved with projects they may potentially want to work on for profits or just work experience. It also gives individuals the opportunity to meet new people in the the industry which may be high up in the ranks who may want help you get noticed,  by showing you appreciation on their different social media platforms for others to see.

Cahootify uses the folkonomy of ‘tags’ to help people see what projects you have worked on or fields you are best know for e.g. genres of film.tagsThe use of tags also helps people navigate through the site making it easier for you to access the fields which are useful and specific to you.

Not only does cahootify use folksonomies, it also uses taxonomies as well to classify the tags which are linked to your profile to tailor suggestions for other peoples pages you should visit who’s projects you may be interested in getting involved with based on similar tags you both share.


Why have a strong online presence?

It is crucial to have a strong online presence so that you can connect easily with employers or potential customers on social media platforms which they may use on a day to day basis to stay connected.  However not every social media will be beneficial to you which is why you must look into it carefully. For example Souncloud would not be the best marketing tool if you were trying to promote you short film as Soundcloud is all about music and sound clips.

By using a vast range of different social media platforms frequent users of these will be able to see your work and potentially share with people who they are connected with, which will give you a larger online presence. Among the film and video industry it is crucial to engage with online communities which share similar interest with you or projects on which you are working on, as people will become familiar with you and discuss your work. For example on Twitter things that are spoken about or hash tagged frequently become ‘trending‘ throughout the platform which means that  it will reach a greater number of people who use twitter often. This is one of the folkonomies which twitter uses that can  help you appear visible to people with similar interest to you.

An effective technique to create a strong online presence is to drive traffic and attention towards your cahootify profile by adding a link to your profile on your other platforms bio’s and about pages  like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as it is permanent and easy for potential clients or colleagues to access. You should also post link to your profile often so that new followers and friends also look at your cahootify profile as some people don’t always look at about pages or bio’s.

Another important thing to do when trying to build a good online presence is to keep updating and posting on your social media’s so that people can see your being an active user which will encourage people to engage with your profile and content by replying and sharing which leads you becoming visible to others in the community or platform. However just updating frequently doesn’t mean your online presence will grow stronger, you need to make sure that the content you post itself is good, as if not people will give you negative feedback and comments which will create a stigma around your name leading to people not sharing your work, and potentially making you loose out on opportunities to work on future projects you may be interested in.

When trying to create a good online presence you must think carefully about what you share or post as employers or clients may  google you to see what your online personality is like, especially in the media industry. This is why you must be careful that all the content you have on your profiles is professional and appropriate for a work environment. Lucy Godwin says how ‘97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses’I also highly recommend to set up a google alerts account so that you can see what has and is being said about you online, otherwise employers could potentially see this and give them a negative perception of you.


Advertising is a key technique to getting yourself a strong online presence because if you don’t promote yourself no one else is going to unless you give them a reason to do so.

When creating a strong online presence the placement of adverts among social media platform can help you substantially. For example on now on Instagram sponsored adverts come up on your timeline with links the the pages of the product or brand. It also goes onto everyone in the world who has Instagram news feed’s which makes it impossible for people to ex out and ignore.

Facebook also uses groups and pages as a taxonomy and this is a good way of advertising your brand or project. By using Facebook pages and groups it offers you the opportunity to contact your audience directly as you can post links to your films or cahootify page for people to click on and watch.

Different platforms for different things

Not all platforms are going to be useful in trying to make a good online presence some will prove more beneficial than others. For instance twitter and Facebook are going to be the best way to get people talking about you online and your work. You can also re-post/ re-tweet and share things on these platforms which will make you or your project gain more attention from others.

However Youtube  would be the most useful platform in terms of uploading your project as it is purely for video’s to be watched and uploaded onto. YouTube also has millions of account signed up to it which means that audiences will become greater promoting your movie and your online presence as people will talk about you as you are the film maker. Lastly YouTube is a good platform as you done actually have to own an account to watch video and this is a good thing as sometime people don’t feel comfortable giving out their information to websites with vast amounts of users.

Future features i would like to see!

In the future I would like to see cahootify enabling people to apply to fund and invest in projects which they think could be successful. I think this would be a good idea as some people don’t have the funds to create the movie or video which they want to make.  And i think by having a button where people can press which enables them to fund a project a lot easier.

I would also like to see some sort of messenger tool in the cahootify website so that it makes it very convenient for people to just pop up and message another to talk about or get involved in their project rather than using emails. To make this happen cahootify would have to add an online and offline symbol when so that people know when to message each other to get a quick response.

Lastly I think by creating an app which combines all the social medias together meaning that you can post at the same time throughout all  your platforms. I believe it will make it easier for you to become visual to others with online communities.

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Online presence


Online presence management is the process of presenting and drawing traffic to a personal or professional brand online.

Top ten accounts on Instagram

With 116m followers Instagram has the most followers on Instagram, Which i personally do not understand as who actually follows Instagram well certainly not me!

1.Taylor Swift with 56.4m

2. Kim Kardashian 52.7n

3. Selena Gomez 52.6m

4. Beyonce 51.9m

5. Ariana Grande 49.7m

6. Justin Bieber 45.1m

7.Kylie Jenner 43.2m

8. Kendal Jenner 42.2m

9. Nicki Minaj 39.4m

10. Khloe Kardashian 36.3m

top ten

How twitter helps you!

Twitter now uses such things called tailored suggestions. If you didn’t already know tailored suggestions are suggestion of other accounts which link  to yours based on content and the things which you like and re-tweet and also the people who you choose to follow. It also takes other social media sites which you have integrated widgets and twitter buttons for. This is twitters way of being able to connect you to the things which you actually care about.

Twitter also tries to help you become notice through its use of the re-tweet button. For example if someone with thousands of followers re-tweets your tweet all their followers will see the re-tweet and either follow you or re-tweet which gets to even larger numbers of people.

Recently due to the latest mobile updates for the twitter app it has come to light that they have changed  the favorite button (star) into a thumbs up like button. They done this as a strategy to try and make twitter more engaging for its audience, however results showed that this was not as successful as they believed it would be.


Taxonomies and Folksonomies of facebook

facebook pic

Taxonomies are used by all organisations to categorize data in order to assist retrieval of information. On facebook taxonomies used could include events pages, business profiles, celebrity pages, open and closed groups. All of the above have to be ‘liked’ in order to receive their posts as newsfeed. This ‘liking’ system means the facebook user creates their own ‘folksonomy’ of liked pages.

A folksonomy on facebook is also created through liking and sharing items which then appear on your newsfeed. By tagging your friends, they will also receive newsfeed of these shared items. This is a type of ‘social book marking’ (Geeking Out at Fisher blog).

Facebook will give you suggestions based on the posts you have liked. They will suggest friends or people with similar likes and interests to you, or who have shared schools or workplaces. But Facebook doesn’t provide folksonomy tools – you have to create your own by tagging and liking. Which you could argue is the opposite of a ‘folksonomy’.

Many people now link facebook and twitter the companies are able to gain a more complex view of your social media usage which opens up new marketing opportunites and possibilities of meeting people with similar interests to your own.

Companies need to organize and categorize the influx of information from facebook. This taxonomic system, based on your personal folksonomies allows companies to appropriately target their marketing to your personal likes and dislikes.

To conclude, we have found that facebook doesn’t use folksonomies and taxonomies very wel,l as it is a platform to strengthen friendships and interest connections rather than to get known on social media platforms. Facebook’s internal classification system therefore doesn’t facilitate self promotion like other social networking platforms. The only ways to increase self promotion is to ‘like’ pages of people you do not know or to make your profile ‘public’.

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What i would post/ share

The type of thing that I would share would depend on the social media that I was using at that time. However most of the time the things I actually share are to get my accounts known by other so people are more likely to share my things or share the thing that I shared. For example on twitter I would share either an unusual video or one that I found interesting like a snake in a pit of a hundred snakes.


Differently to this on Instagram I would like or share something to do with wealth success or clothes that I think look good as people see who follow me will see I’ve shared/ liked it and either do the same.